I recently couldn’t start my car and needed to do an on location battery changer service.  This was when I was introduced to AbgBateri.

AbgBateri is an on-site vehicle battery replacement service in Kuching, which means that the mechanic will come to your location to replace your car battery.

I found the service online, and since I was babysitting, I couldn’t go out to buy the battery myself, and change it as I used to.

On top of that, I wasn’t quite sure how replacements of batteries were done these days as modern vehicles have all these electronic settings which shouldn’t be disturbed or reset.


The whole process of using AbgBateri’s service starts with a WhatsApp.

Through one single message, I was immediately contacted and asked to choose from a wide range or batteries they had to offer.  Of course I had to inform them of my car type and model.

On location battery changer
My old car battery before replacement was made.

Once this was done, AbgBateri confirmed the battery I choose and said they will be sending a technician to my location within 30 minutes. Just so you know, I opted for Century, which is a known battery brand.

It didn’t take long before the technician arrived, and he did some immediate checking to ensure that it is indeed the battery was faulty.

I was informed that if the problem wasn’t the battery, I need not pay for anything.  Well, the battery was the culprit, and soon, the battery changing was conducted.

The technician was polite and also very friendly as he also gave tips on how to manage or take care of the car while he did the service.

After the battery was fully replaced, the car started immediately upon ignition.


AbgBateri is kind of a nickname for a mechanic shop which offers more than just an on location battery changer.

If you need more details on what services AbgBateri offers, as well as their range of batteries offered, you can visit their website.

The cost of each battery is said to be the same, but when in emergency, cost is likely not an issue.


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