MyDuniaHosting is a hosting company based in Sungai Besi, with their servers placed in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

I had been using them for years, and the have provided quality service during those times and hence this review.


MyDuniaHosting assures 24/7 support for clients and I can testify to that.  During any given time, the staff of the company are on deck to deal with problems related with their services to ensure the website is always online and working as it should.  I’ve also had their support staff contact me personally to ensure my site was working as it should on numerous occasions as well.

The company also claims that they offer competitive pricing when it comes to services they offer.  This too is accurate as I had compared their prices with others during my initial years signing up with them.  They however aren’t the cheapest around, but they are also not the most expensive.  Over the years, their hosting charges had also gone down as hosting services become cheaper.  Current packages offered can be seen below.

MyDuniaHosting also offers free website migration.  This means they will migrate your site from another hosting company to theirs for free if you are a new client. I’ve used this service before and I was satisfied with their work.  My site then migrated without much issues and it was like I never migrated my site at all!

Free SSL Certificates are also offered to every MyDuniaHosting clients. These certificates give the website a green tick on the address bar to show the site is secured and safe.  The free SSL Certificates offered are fully trusted 256-bit SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

If you aren’t a website designer, then MyDuniaHosting offers a free Website Builder as well. This means a website can be built by simply dragging and dropping elements to create a functioning site.


During my 5 years using MyDuniaHosting, my site had been inaccessible a couple of times.  Most of the times, the downtime was caused by an error in my website scripting, or failure of some plugin my site uses.

During these times, the technicians at MyDuniaHosting were quick to rectify the issue and kept me updated at all times.

Aside from that, they also provide free consultation in regards to on-going issues related to my site, and this had really helped me manage my own server today.

Their reliability in my opinion is unparalleled and I am very happy with how they had handled all of my cases.


Compared to other hosting companies in Malaysia, MyDuniaHosting only focuses their attention to the following services as I know off:

  • Domains
  • Web Hosting
  • Business Email
  • Cloud & Server
  • SSL Certificates

In my opinion, this makes them pretty specific when it comes to services they offer and I like that.


As I said earlier, MyDuniaHosting has been pretty awesome to me since I signed up with them, and I really don’t have any bad thing to say about their services.

That said, if you are interested to own a website and you need a hosting company, I would recommend MyDuniaHosting.


Note: This review is written by Cyril Dason.


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