The Lion King remake had a promising trailer.

The animated version back in 1998 was one of the best animated movies of its decade and the trailer below gave the remake desirable.

I decided to watch The Lion King at TGV Cinemas in Kuching as I wanted to see how it could match up with the original animated one.

I however left disappointed.

The Lion King remake felt a bit different from the original one because changes were made to things that were already golden.

Indeed, a remake will likely have its differences from the original especially since the original is an animated cartoon while the remake is a ‘live version’.

However, I was not prepared to accept the changes they had done in the remake.

For starters, I felt the Lion King remake was a bit too dark and wasn’t suitable for children. I was also rather disturbed that most of the songs were also re-tuned. The re-tuned songs sort of killed the movie for me as they felt rather dull. Aside from ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ the rest of the songs failed to match up with the original.

Mufasa’s deep forceful voice was also gone. While I note Mufasa is voiced by the same person, his age showed in the voice and that wasn’t good.

Simba’s character also had a very peculiar attitude which made him somewhat annoying. – Perhaps I am just getting old to judge Simba in such a way.

Zazu was also lacking in my opinion. He wasn’t annoying as he was in the animated movie. He was just plain boring.

The Hyenas also had a slight role change and all their jokes were gone. Talk about making a movie dull.


If you had not watched the original, you might enjoy this version. However, if you love the original version, this one will not be fun to watch.

Also, I wouldn’t advice children to watch this as they might get bored. The plot, language and presentation is a bit ‘too adult’ for kids to be honest.

Overall, I’d wait for this movie to be screened on Netflix or cable TV instead of watching it in theaters.

Note: This review is written by Cyril Dason.


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