I bought the Uniqlo KANDO pants because I’ve gained weight and my pants seemed rather tight.

The pants work well as office wear as they look like slacks and looked really classy when worn.

I got my pair of KANDO pants a few weeks ago when I was shopping for new pants.


The real test however is when I was wearing it.  I personally do not enjoy slacks because they are very thin, and tend to look and feel rather odd these days.

Sometimes, slacks feel warmer and they restrict movement due to their ‘tight’ nature and their thin material.

Uniqlo Kando pants
There’s a button at the waist.

Add that with my big sized body, slacks was always last on my shopping list and I went for khaki pants which still looked formal, but were more durable.

However, since I’ve known Uniqlo, I have found them to be very comfortable and I’ve decided to give the KANDO pants a try.

To my surprise, the KANDO pants are very comfortable despite my size.

Not only are the pants comfortable, they also stretch when required, and seem to be more lasting if compared to traditional slack pants.

Inside, the quality of the workmanship of the KANDO pants is obvious. I’m a self professed UNIQLO fan due the the sheer quality of UNIQLO products. This pants is no different.

Uniqlo Kando pants
The stitches at the zip are nicely made

The stitches are neat and tidy and it is worth every penny spent in my opinion.

Even better, the KANDO pants dry fast and feel very cool when used.  It is by far the best long pants I’ve ever had for work!


If you have the Uniqlo App, you can always buy the KANDO pants from their app.

Else, you could just walk into a Uniqlo store to get yourself a pair.  The KANDO pants are priced at RM149.90, which is pretty expensive for a set of pants.

However, if you do want to save, Uniqlo KANDO pants are available in Shopee.


I would however like to warn that the ones on Shopee are not sold by Uniqlo and are from 3rd party sellers.

Note: This review is written by Cyril Dason.


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