I have been looking for a new black leather shoe for work and after weeks looking online and scouting local malls, I found this Valentino Rudy Sneaker.

The shoe doesn’t have any model name, and its just written as ‘sneakers’ on its box.  After trying it a couple of times and walking around in the mall, I decided to buy the shoes.

The shoe isn’t exactly made of leather and while I said I was looking for leather shoes, the likes of such shoes is more important.

As I am made to understand, the shoes is made using microfiber material instead of leather.

Based on my conversation with the sales girl, leather shoes last longest, with PU leather (artificial leather) being the worst.

Microfiber material for shoes is somewhat in between the two, hence the higher price if compared to PU leather shoes.

Valentino Rudy Sneaker


I purposely chose this shoes because it had shoe lace. I prefer working shoes with shoe lace although it is slightly troublesome to put on.

The shoe is simple looking, but it looks nice and shiny when worn.  The lace makes it look manly in my opinion.

The toe cap of the shoe is simple, but less is more to be honest. It also makes it easier to polish and clean.

When used for work, the Valentino Rudy Sneaker gives a sense of professionalism while at the same time ensuring I look classy.

If you don’t believe me, you can check the photo below with me wearing the shoes for work.

Valentino Rudy Sneaker
Wearing my Valentino Rudy Sneaker to work

I however didn’t like the shoelaces provided which seemed to have been coated in some rubber.  I’d prefer the rounded style shoelaces instead.


I am very particular about comfort of my shoes. This shoes is one of the most comfortable I’ve tried.

My heel landed softly on the heel part of the shoe which seemed to have impressive sponge to absorb walks.

Aside from that, the Valentino Rudy Sneaker is lightweight and soft, while the inner sole is really comfortable.

The inner sole of the shoe.

I wore the shoes for over 10 hours for work, and it was a joy just to do so.

The only problem I had with the shoe is that the toe feels a bit tight, but I guess once I ‘break’ it, it will be more comfortable.


This is my first time wearing shoes from Valentino Rudy.  When choosing the line-up, I was impressed with the many different styles it had.

This particular one I bought was only RM205 after a 20% discount.  I think it was a fair price given that it looks nice and is really comfortable.

I’m not sure how long it would last, but if it did last over two years, that’s pretty good in my opinion.


NOTE: This review is written by Cyril Dason


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